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Top five films from Jan - July 2014


1. The Lego Movie

I hold The Lego Movie in the air, and I wave it frantically as I stand on my apple box and shout “THIS IS A SMART MOVIE”. It’s not easy making a timeless product into a well-crafted film that engages both adults and kids. 


2. Captain America: Winter Solider 

Winter Solider surpasses its predecessor with its high-stake plot, thrilling action scenes and character development that has changed the Marvel landscape. Hail Hydra, mother fuckers!


3. Guardians of the Galaxy

 ’I am Groot’.

4. Frank


Michael Bassbender is flawless. Even with his head covered by a goofy-looking helmet, he emits a strange, but fascinating character. Domhnall Gleeson also deserves props for standing out from the cast of bizarre characters.

5. X-Men: Days of Future Past


Bryan Singer merges his X-Men and Matthew Vaughn’s younger cast of mutants quite nicely. For the first time I adored Wolverine as he bounced wonderfully against the young versions of Hot Wheels and Metal Bending Guy. 

I can’t sleep. I should be sleeping. I rise and shine at 7:15am for a pilot  that I’m directing/producing. I guess I should avoid caffeine at 10pm. 

Shoot ends at 5pm. I suppose I can sleep when I arrive home. We shoot the next day - another early start.

The day after I’m a production assistant on another shoot. How does one go from a director to a production assistant? I don’t know. Is it an Irish thing? 

On Saturday I’m going to Hollywood Babble-On. This will be my third time seeing Kevin Smith live! My goal is to meet him. Outlook not so good. When he came the first time to Dublin – for a Q & A – I was so close to asking him a question. The interaction would have completed a part of my life. The second time he came to ol’ lucky charm land, it was for podcast; Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. I waited out back, but not a sight of Mr. Smith.

I shall arrive early this time, or maybe scour the city like some desperate teeny bopper!

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